Pharmacists and Pharmacy Personnel

NCPHP provides North Carolina’s pharmacists and pharmacy personnel with identification, evaluation, monitoring and advocacy support for substance use issues. This allows them to participate in a sustainable recovery program and serve the public in a safe manner.


NCPHP works collaboratively with the North Carolina Board of Pharmacy (NCBOP) to protect the public by evaluating, monitoring, and referring for assessment and/or treatment pharmacists and pharmacy personnel where there is a concern regarding the ability to practice pharmacy with safety and skill due to a substance use disorder.



NCPHP’s referrals come from the NCBOP, hospitals, employers, colleagues, and self-referrals, among others sources.


Self-referrals are well received and highly recommended, as preemptively seeking assistance demonstrates a willingness to address a potential issue before patient care is affected. If you are considering self-referral, you may want to complete these self-assessment questionnaires.


The NCBOP is dedicated to helping pharmacists and pharmacy personnel dealing with a substance use disorders and, in doing so, fulfilling their mission of protecting the public. Pharmacists and pharmacy personnel can self-refer to NCPHP and remain anonymous to the NCBOP. If you are considering self- referral or referring someone you know, please contact us for help in doing so.


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How do I know if I need help from NCPHP with a substance use disorder?